We offer exceptional benefits

Working @ BOS

With over 160 individual concession locations, MarketPlace at Boston Logan Airport has endless employment opportunities with great benefits including: 

  • Competitive pay
  • Transportation and parking allowance
  • Medical and dental benefits
  • Employee discounts and/or shift meals
  • Sign on bonus
  • Flexible hours

We value exceptional people


The MarketPlace at Boston Logan Airport values people who are exceptional. #IMMABOS is a program where team members and team leaders can nominate individuals who have provided exceptional service, exceptional kindness, or who perform exceptionally at work.  

Top Brands

The MarketPlace features some of the top brands in the US.

The MarketPlace at Boston Logan Airport features a wide variety of brands from Starbucks and B.Good to TUMI and Vineyard Vines. Each brand is unique and each brand is seeking individuals who can elevate the customer experience.

We celebrate diversity

Working @ BOS is a culture built on diversity.

The MarketPlace at Boston Logan Airport is a work environment that exceeds the definition of diversity. Logan Airport is a cross-road where people from all walks of life pass through and where individuals embark on a variety of journeys. Our teams are unique, multi-cultural, and valued for their individuality and their abilities to shape positive experiences for people from across the world.

We can’t wait to meet you!


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